about us

For decades, the world of science has been looking for various methods and measures that effectively prepare our muscles and nervous system for a faster recovery, increased strength and finally aesthetic appearance. Today, we have no doubt that the most important element for this success in training is the adequate support of diet. Many years of experience gained in the laboratory and in practise allow us to perfectly support any kind of workout no matter how long and under what conditions it is carried out. Note, however, that in order to achieve our goal of training we need to ensure an excellent quality of products, which therefore will guarantee their safety. GenLab has from the beginning had the overriding objective of developing the highest quality products, working with the best laboratories and athletes of different sports to create a line of products with the highest results. In our offerings you can find formulations that are optimized for each of the characteristics of sport. Laboratory studies and exercise testing have showed that using our preparations gives the body everything it needs even during extreme loads.

GenLab Objectives:

  • Create products for the most demanding situations, inspired by the needs of top athletes
  • Always use the latest and safest technologies to obtain the highest quality products
  • Provide MAXIMUM satisfaction for all sports men and women from proffesional to recreational